Bushel Basket Lantern - F100-313

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Bushel Basket Lantern - F100-313

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Washed-color rustic wooden bushel baskets bring back days of Huck Finn and outdoor adventures. Add a hint of color to any casual space with these unique pendant lights.Small Whitewashed 3x25 watts. (9"Hx11"W)Medium Blue 3x40 watts. (10"Hx14"W)Large Green 3x40 watts. (11"Hx16"W)Height including cluster is 13" on all sizes. 3 lights. (candle base sockets)3' chain5" canopy

Actual Size: 9"Hx11"Wx11"D
Color: Blue
Exclusive: Yes
Number of Lights: 3
Please note, when you purchase an item from the Gallery you can be assured of the "Gallery 4 Points of Confidence":
1. Each item comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, certifying this product is an authentic Gallery lighting fixture.
2. Each item comes with a Gallery backed warranty (Established 1978).
3. Each item will include Gallery verified and approved diagram and instructions.
4. Each purchase is provided with a toll free number for free.

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